Moving Tips

To help you get ready for your move, we’ve come up withsome tips and hints that will help you to be prepared. These will help to save both time and money on move day!

Irreplaceable / Valuable Items. It’s a good idea to plan on moving your smaller precious items, such as jewelry and family heirlooms, in your own vehicle when possible. If Hart to Hart Moving is to move them for you, be sure to have a certified valuation and a detailed inventory done prior to the move date.


Dressers and Drawers. Feel free to leave clothing and linens in dresser drawers. However, be sure to remove anything that is fragile and any liquids. Files, papers, magazines, loose items and other non-clothing items should be removed and packed.

Lamps and Pictures. Lamps and artworks need to be properly packed prior to being moved. If you would prefer that an item not be packed, please plan on moving it in your own vehicle.

Particle Board/Assembled Furniture. Unfortunately most particle board furniture is not well suited for being moved in its assembled form. More often than not, if you purchased an item that came in a flat box and then needed to be put together, it will be manufactured using particle board. It’s best for these items to be completely disassembled prior to moving. If the piece needs to be moved fully assembled, Hart to Hart Moving cannot be responsible for any damage sustained.

Heavy Glass/Valuable Artwork. Glass and stone tops, as well as valuable artworks, need to be properly packed for moving. Usually this means a wooden crate. An appointment can be made to take exact measurements.

Storage Areas/Attics/Sheds/Basements. As these are usually areas used for storage of infrequently used items, these areas tend to be very time consuming to pack and prep for moving. You’ll save yourself a considerable amount of time and money if these areas are presorted and/or moved ahead of your moving date.

Electronics. All electronics need to be fully disconnected prior to move day. If you need assistance in disconnecting and/or packing these items please let our office know as early as you can so that we may be prepared. Also please have flat panel TVs removed from wall mounts prior to our arrival.

Boxes. When packing books and papers, please use the smallest box available. Mark FRAGILE on any box containing fragile or sensitive items. Be sure to mark the contents on each box and where each box will end up in the new home.

Washers/Dryers/Fridges/Chandeliers. Hart to Hart Moving cannot disconnect any  gas or electrical appliances. However, we can assist in locating a licensed contractor. When moving a dishwasher or clothes washer, please disconnect the water lines a few days prior to your move date to ensure that all of the water has drained.

Personal and Last Minute Items. You will inevitably need a few personal items while your move is taking place. Be sure to pack up your cell phone, toiletries, financial information/checkbook, paperwork needed for closing, etc. into a box or bag to be kept in your car so that it’s readily accessible.

Prohibited Items. Hart to Hart Moving is prohibited by DOT and insurance regulations from transporting items such as firearms, flammable liquids and fuel cans, caustic or corrosive chemicals and products that are under pressure (aerosol cans, propane tanks, etc.) For the protection of your belongings, we cannot transport or store any opened or perishable foods.

Placing Furnishings. Having a plan in place for your new home can save time and money. Being prepared and having a good idea of where all of your items will be placed will be very helpful and will lend to a smooth moving experience.

We hope that these suggestions are helpful. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call or email us.

We look forward to working with you on your move!